Our Engagement Models

Redspark engages its clients in various flexible ways using our refined engagement models to manage client requirements that could be one-time or on-going multi-year projects.

Redspark is in the market for offshore outsourcing services since 2004, enjoying high customer retention rates and building lasting relationships with first-tier companies. Redspark iis an attentive partner, flexible in tuning the established engagement models and helping each client make the most out of the partnership. Our engagement management practices are built in accordance with the eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM SP).

Redspark engagement specialists customize the engagement model to work around the client enterprise specifics - from business goals to project management and HR practices. A neatly developed framework guides all partnership processes, whereas a properly organized and structured cooperation is a way to combat risks while receiving all the benefits of an outsourcing venture. We provide clients with proven, experienced program managers, designers and architects to review, select, architect, design, and develop their business systems.

Redspark offers different engagement models to meet global clients' diverse needs

We also understand that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility - we can customize a model to address your specific needs

Fixed Time/Fixed Cost Project Model

Redspark offers customers a fixed time / fixed price model when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. Under this low-risk model we work with clients to define expected deliverables and timelines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. Our refined process guarantees reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects and assures on-time and on-budget outcomes.

This model is best suited for small projects or for large projects when the scope, schedules and requirements of the project are specifically defined. The total cost and timeline of the development is agreed prior to the start of the project. Then we select the most suitable development team and technologies and management resources to accomplish the project as agreed. Any new features or major changes later on are discussed and quoted separately. As the projects specs and deliverables are clearly defined prior to the project start, this model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

Hourly Rate Assignment Model

Redspark gives customers greater flexibility to alter the project specification on an ongoing basis based upon upcoming market trends. The client pays a fixed hourly rate which is agreed at the time of contract signing. This model best works with regular & ongoing maintenance and support services. The minimum hourly rate contract that Redspark offers is for atleast 100 manhours of services.

Dedicated Teams Model (DTM)

Dedicated Teams Model (DTM) is an excellent solution if you need a complete control over human and technical resources involved into the development process. DTM features a high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability. All infrastructure and personnel are at your dedicated service as long as you need them for a fixed monthly fee. DTM is a good choice if you need a team of highly-qualified professionals that will exactly match your IT and business needs. This makes the development process more explicit and manageable and ensures a higher resources efficiency.

Dedicated teams operates as an extension of the customer's development center. In this model, Redspark forms project teams with the required team members, project managers, equipment and infrastructure based on client requirements. For such dedicated relationships, we may offer implement customer specific quality/process frameworks trained for the specific needs of a client.

The advantage coming from moving your software development operations offshore is that it determines significant savings on staff, equipment and technology, giving you the possibility to concentrate more on the business part, in order to reduce risk and gain a better position on the market.

Benefits of using Redspark Dedicated Teams Model

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